All .adhikya. products are ethically produced and sustainable. We are committed to producing the highest quality products, manufactured individually in the USA.

Locally-Sourced, No-Waste Leather

All leather is sourced locally in the USA. The leather we use is a byproduct of the meat industry, inspired by the mission of minimal waste. Our leather products are all merchandised to utilize as much of every skin as possible. Our producers carefully plan each skin to fit several products. All leather scraps are saved for future projects or recycled. 

Non-Toxic Vegetable Dyes

We use vegetable-based dyes as much as possible on our leather goods – currently over 70% of our leather is vegetable tanned. Vegetable dyes lessen the destructive effects of chemical dyes on the local environment. All dyes used on our vegan products are non-toxic, significantly lessening the destructive effects of chemical dyes on the local environment.


Over 70% of the production process of our products is done by hand, by local artisans in Los Angeles to ensure low energy consumption and fair, ethical wages for our craftsmen. 

Carbon Footprint

Over 90% of our collection is sourced locally in Los Angeles, significantly lowering our carbon footprint. Part of our ethos is to buy less, buy better; the best way for an individual to reduce their carbon footprint. 


Our teams in Los Angeles are made of men and women of different religions, ages and sexual orientations.  Our workshops create an environment free of judgment and discrimination.  Our Los Angeles studio is based in diverse Venice Beach, CA and .adhikya. is a woman-owned company.

Slow Fashion

We believe in consuming consciously and intentionally.  We use best practices and materials to make functional art and high-quality product investments.  Investment in quality pieces reduces the amount consumed and spent overall.


.adhikya. embodies an ethos of self-love as a means to healing, and to strengthen global unity through consciousness; with the belief that we can transform ourselves and together we can transform the world.  

The collection is created for mindfulness; a series of meditation and yoga accessories,
to encourage a personal daily practice and to spark conversations on raised consciousness.